To finish first, you must first finish – car control is everything. In this course we teach an in depth understanding of car stability and dynamics, allowing quality feedback to a team, technicians and the mechanics. This control and insight is relevant to a kid in a kart through to a F1 driver.



The Principles of Car Control

Only the driver makes a car crash, we can teach you how to mitigate this. A true understanding of understeer, oversteer, pitch and brake balance will allow for better and a more aggressive car set up; resulting in faster cornering and quicker laps.

The Process

Our race driver days are 1 day courses tailored to individual and group needs after careful assessment by our trophy winning team. In racing, loose is fast and by introducing an extra level of feel, touch and understanding through our proven drills, we will eradicate spins, crashes and expensive damage from your driving repertoire.