driving academy

The most advanced driving academy in the UK, run by professional drivers, backed by a winning race team and fashioned around Hollywood trained stunt drivers.

BSR accredited stunt training, tactical driving courses and racing driver courses.


driving academy

Kendrew Barracks

driving academy

Drivetac is a multi discipline academy set on a secure and spacious facility in the heart of Rutland. Our advanced team of instructors are proven race winners, stunt drivers and current team members – all trained to our very highest standards. We recognise that driving ability and accolades alone are not enough; our instructors are also carefully selected for their ability to teach and impart information, simply and effectively.



Our range or courses have been carefully curated by the management team to encompass Stunt, Tactical and Race, three very different disciplines, but all grounded in the same principles of the biological/mechanical mix.

Stunt driving classes

The only British Stunt Register accredited driving academy in the UK.

Protecting you, your car and your precious cargo in the unpredictable urban environment.

Teaching an in depth understanding of car stability and dynamics, allowing you to drive faster.

— Working at the highest level

Reviews //

I’m immensely grateful for my journey with DriveTac, led by the fantastic Sam and his remarkable team. From day one, they trust you behind the wheel, seamlessly combining solo driving with detailed instruction. In just nine months, their expert guidance took me from a novice to passing my BSR exam with flying colours. DriveTac not only builds a solid stunt driving foundation but also hones essential on-set skills like radio etiquette. The team’s dedication is unparalleled, and I wholeheartedly recommend DriveTac to anyone aspiring for the stunt register. In a nutshell, DriveTac is an unparalleled experience—effective, thorough, and transformative. You will not be disappointed.

Zara Treherne

I’ve been training with Sam and his team since June and he’s developed my understanding and handling of cars in so many ways and he’s not only able to coach but the way he drives is unbelievable!

If you’re interested in doing Precision Driving for your stunt skills or you just want to be amazing at driving and enjoy some average Irish banter go train with these guys. They are the best (I’m not biased as I’ve done others and there is no comparison!)

Their knowledge and facilities are unparalleled and the amount of seat time you get to refine and practise is more than what any other course offers.

The team is amazing and their wealth of stunt experience & knowledge / racing pedigree and the training facilities are second to none. Also, the coffee is banging.

If you want to be the best, train with the best. Go check it!

Johnny Mortimer

I started with Drivetac in April and I’ve had the best time learning with them over the past 6 months. Sam and his team have put together an unbelievable course to train us all up to such a high standard. Before the course, I would not have been confident enough to drive on set, but now I absolutely would! The instructors are very clear with their teaching and the amount of seat time we get in these courses won’t compare to any other school. Because of this, so many skills are covered in such a short time! The guys at Drivetac make every course so much fun… so much so, I keep going back to learn more and develop my skills further. Couldn’t rate Drivetac enough. Thank you Sam and team!

Ailis Smith

This tactical course was an absolute eye-opener. Personal safety, self-defence, passenger protection and awareness around the car were disciplines I could never have imagined. The instructors provided the most thorough education in an easy to understand manner and I now have a much better insight in to safeguarding myself, my car and my passengers.

I’ve gained a new found confidence in my performance car’s abilities and my own skills as a driver.

Jess Pepper

Before heading to Drivetac for the first 3 days of training, I was told I would be a totally different driver by day 3. After 6 days I couldn’t believe the progress I had made!

The team headed up by Sam can not only explain the skills in way that I could understand but can all get behind the wheel to demonstrate with ease which is a crucial part of the learning process for trainees. 

The level of film set knowledge and application for driving stunts makes the course an absolute must for drivers wanting to break into the industry.

Jason Symonds